701 William James, Abraham Maslow, B. F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov Quotes: Habits and behaviors. Thoughts to change your mind.

Among psychologists, William James, Abraham Maslow, B. F. Skinner, Ivan have been labeled as icons in the Behaviourism World.

This is a list of 701 quotes from James, Abraham Maslow, B. F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov Quotes The list has no special order.

This is an effort to collect inspiring quotes attributed to these men of science. Certainly, one of them can inspire you and maybe can motivate some changes in your search for better habits.

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As a rule reading fiction is as hard to me as trying to hit a target by hurling feathers at it. I need resistance to celebrate! – William James
Focus on increasing service. Becoming great where you are. Pile in the wood. The heat will follow. – William James
When a superior intellect and a psychopathic temperament coalesce in the same individual, we have the best possible condition for the kind of effective genius that gets into the biographical dictionaries. – William James
If you give appreciation to people, you win their goodwill. But more important than that, practicing this philosophy has made a different person of me. – William James
Where is it, this present? It has melted in our grasp, fled ere we could touch it, gone in the instant of becoming. – William James
Religion is the attempt to be in harmony with an unseen order of things. – William James
I was awfully curious to find out why I didn’t go insane. – Abraham Maslow
What shall we think of a well-adjusted slave? – Abraham Maslow
The function of ignoring, of inattention, is as vital a factor in mental progress as the function of attention itself. – William James
Truth, as any dictionary will tell you, is a property of certain of our ideas. It means their agreement, as falsity means their disagreement, with reality. – William James
What kind of guilt comes from being true to yourself but not to others?. As we have seen, being true to yourself may at times intrinsically and necessarily be in conflict with being true to others. – Abraham Maslow
Habit simplifies our movements, makes them accurate, and diminishes fatigue. – William James
To spend life for something which outlasts it. – William James
Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. Bad habits can be broken, good habits formed. – William James